Founded in 2016 by RA patient organizations and leaders from 18 countries, the Global RA Network was formed to build international relationships and identify and work on common goals and initiatives to improve the lives of people living with RA around the world. Arthritis Consumer Experts (Canada) serves as the Network’s secretariat.

This website is the Network’s on-line meeting ground and a place to share its ongoing work and educational and informational resources with RA patients, care providers and governments.

The Global RA Network’s first initiative was to conduct a survey on patient experiences of RA models of care. To learn more, click here.

Global RA Network Members

Brazil Marco Azevedo, Giselle Biancardini, Priscilla da Silva GARCE - Grupo de Apoio aos Pacientes Reumáticos do Ceará
Canada Cheryl Koehn, Kelly Lendvoy - Arthritis Consumer Experts
Croatia Mišo Matana, Nenad Horvat – NGO Remisija
Cyprus Eleftheria Antoniou – Cyprus League Against Rheumatism
Denmark Matilde Kristensen, Tanja Tofte Thomsen - Danish Association of Young people with Rheumatism
Greece Katerina Koutsogianni - National Federation of Patients, Caregivers & Friends of Children with Rheumatic Diseases
Greece Souzi Makri – AGORA
Hungary Andrea Domján - Arthritis Betegklub
Hungary Tímea Tófalvi, Gábor Tóth - Reumabetegek a Célzott Terápiáért Egyesület
Israel Maytal Maoz, Hily Wollach, Michal Nudel - Mifrakim Z'eirim
Italy Antonella Celano, Anna Marinella – APMAR
Italy Sara Severoni, Sylvia Tonolo – ANMAR
Romania Rozalina Lapadatu - APPA
Russian Federation Natalia Bulgakova – Nadezhda
Slovenia Petra Zajc – Slovenian Rheumatism Association
Spain Eulalia Alcaide Cornejo, Antonio Torralba – CONARTRITIS
Taiwan Ling-yuan Chang – Rheumatoid Arthritis Aid Group
Ukraine Kateryna Kodnianska – Joy of motion
Uruguay Alfredo Toledo - Fundación Salud Dr. Augusto Turenne