The latest rheumatoid arthritis news from #EULAR19

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The latest rheumatoid arthritis news from #EULAR19

Fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis

Fatigue is a common, persistent problem for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients. Affecting 40% – 80% of RA patients, fatigue is considered one of the most important disease outcomes by patients. Work disability is among the most important consequences of RA-related fatigue. According to Professor Jose Antonio da Silva, patients have identified fatigue as the principal barrier to employment and productivity. In a special EULAR session, Professor da Silva noted that numerous studies have demonstrated that fatigue in RA contributes to a higher likelihood of absenteeism at work, a higher prevalence of the various dimensions of work disability, and more consultations with physicians and referrals to therapists. A challenge for rheumatologists is determining how to measure fatigue in RA where there is no consensus on the most effective method of measurement and lack of a standardized assessment tool. Professor da Silva added that overall, the measurement of fatigue in RA entails several challenges because of its subjective nature.

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